Thailand Tour – April, 2011
Australian National Junior Men’s Team – (’93-’94 NJM)
v. Navy (Bronze Play-off)
in Bangkok, Thailand

Match #7 – 27th April 2011
AUS NJM defeated by Navy 0:3
23-25, 19-25, 25-27

’93-’94 NJM (Points scored):
1 Gerrard Lipscombe (Libero)
4 Corey Leathart (14)
5 Chris Morrow (1)
6 Brad Mason (2)
9 Jordan Power (10)
10 Beau Graham (2)
14 Sam Brisbane (0)
15 Simon Hone (1)
16 Rory Welsh (C) (1)
17 Jake Guymer (14)
18 Tom Menzies (0)
19 Nic Borgeaud (2)

Match Statistics:
Attack – Team 39% kill 19% err (20%ke)
Guymer 56% kill (16) 19% err
Power 34% kill (29) 7% err

Block – Team 10 kills 10 controls
Guymer 4 kills 5 controls
Mason 2 kills
Welsh, Power, Hone and Leathart 1 kill each

Passing – Team 2.10 48% perfect 7 err
Leathart 2.37 (19) 53% perfect 0 err
Lipscombe 2.28 (25) 60% perfect 2 err

Serving – Team 1.79 6 ace 6 errors
Power 2.11 (9)- 1 ace 0 errs,
Borgeaud 2.63 (8)- 1 ace 0 err

Defence – Team 12 digs
Lipscombe – 4 digs, Leathart and Borgeaud 3 each

The National Junior Men’s Team (NJM) were beaten in their Bronze Play-off today by the Thai Navy team. As was the case 2 days ago despite being very close the Australians were not able to turn the close sets in their favour.

The Aussies again started the match in good form with transition attack kills to Leathart and Guymer. A block and an ace to Leathart gave the NJM’s team a 3 point lead at 15-12. A transition attack by the Thais and an Australian attack error levelled the scores before a Borgeaud ace took the team back to a 19-17 lead. But with the scores so close it doesn’t take much to upset the balance and 2 NJM attack errors and a Thai transition kill lifted the Thais to a 25-23 win.

The Thai Navy team lifted their defensive effort in the 2nd set digging many Australian attacks. They also hurt our attack with some good serving that forced our passers into error. By part way through the set they had opened up an 11-6 lead over the NJM. Blocks to Hone and Guymer helped close the gap to 15-16 and the Thais made 3 errors in their attack trying to beat the committed Australian defence. The Navy team has proven to be very steady at the end of sets. They made no more errors after this point while converting 2 transitions and 2 aces to go to a 2-0 lead.

The 3rd set was a very high standard set with both teams playing consistent attacking volleyball. Power was unstoppable for the Australians in attack, assisted by Guymer and Graham in the middle. Mason came into the game with good effect making 2 blocks. The score progressed point for point before 2 transition plays and an ace by the Navy team gave them a 20-16 lead. But the Aussies weren’t done yet and once again proved their fighting abilities with an ace to Leathart a block to Power before Mason’s 2nd block levelled the scores again at 21-21. The Thais held the advantage of taking the lead each time on their side-out with the Aussies having to level it on theirs. At 25-26 the Thais were able to block an Australian attack to finish another tight match in their favour.

Despite the disappointment of the loss this ’93 NJM team has definitely showed their fighting character, and the positive way in which they support each other is to be commended.

As coaching staff we feel honoured to have the opportunity to work with such fine athletes, team players and ambassadors. Thanks must go to the parents, who support them in every way and the coaching staff who give up their holidays, and pay their way, to coach the team. We would also like to thank Mr Phong Nguyen for doing such a great job in organising the tour.


Earlier today, the ’93 Australian Junior Men’s Team were defeated by Thai Navy in the Bronze medal playoff 0:3 (23-25, 19-25, 25-27). The team gave a good account of themselves but Navy was simply better on the day.

Thailand Tour – April, 2011
Australian National Junior Men’s Team – (’93-’94 NJM)
v. Air Force (Semi-Final)
in Bangkok, Thailand

Match #6 – 26th April 2011
AUS NJM defeated by Air Force 1:3
25-12, 15-25,26-28, 18-25

’93-’94 NJM (Points scored):
1 Gerrard Lipscombe (Libero)
4 Corey Leathart (19)
5 Chris Morrow (3)
6 Brad Mason (1)
9 Jordan Power (13)
10 Beau Graham (4)
14 Sam Brisbane (0)
15 Simon Hone (1)
16 Rory Welsh (C) (2)
17 Jake Guymer (5)
18 Tom Menzies (0)
19 Nic Borgeaud (5)

Match Statistics:
Attack – Team 41% kill 23% err (18%ke)
Morrow 75% kill (4) 0% err
Graham 50% kill (6) 17% err
Leathart 44% kill (36) 28% err

Block – Team 7 kills 16 controls
Leathart 3 kills 2 controls
Guymer, Welsh, Power and Graham 1 kill each

Passing – Team 1.96 39% perfect 3 err
Lipscombe 2.24 (17) 41% perfect 0 err
Leathart 1.97 (34) 38% perfct 1 err

Serving – Team 1.65 3 ace 11 errors
Power 2.44 (16)- 3 ace 0 errs,
Welsh 1.82 (17)- 0 ace 0 err

Defence – Team 13 digs
Lipscombe – 5 digs, Power 3, Guymer 2

The National Junior Men’s Team (NJM) were beaten in their semi-final match today, by the reigning National Champions – Air Force.

The Australians entered the match with a good game plan, a lot of spirit and a good supportive crowd made up of the ‘95 NYM and the National Junior Women’s Teams who have arrived in Thailand for their tournament.

The team executed the game plan perfectly in the first set unsettling the Thai team as the NJM were able to put maximum pressure on their reception to remove their quick and combination play. When they had to set to the outside the Australian defence was able to control them. The team made 3 aces (all from Power) and 2 blocks for the set, while Leathart was outstanding with 8 points for the set.

The 2nd set was a close affair until 12-13, with both teams attacking well. Unfortunately, at that stage a number of passing and attack errors by the NJM allowed the Thais to create a good advantage. They went on to win the set 25-15.

The Australians worked at the start of the 3rd set, through some good defence and transition spiking, to stay level with the Air Force team. This in turn applied more pressure to the Thai attack and they made 3 quick errors to allow the Australian team to take a 14-11 lead. The Thais fought back with a couple of Transition points of their own and from there (14-14) it was point for point. At 21-20 Hone entered the match as a blocking sub and won two points with a block and an attack for a 23-21 lead. Unfortunately, a Thai side-out, an Australian attack error and a transition point gave the Thais set point. Australia saved three set points before an attack error handed the Air Force the set 28-26.

The Australian attack was struggled to kill the ball against a well organised Thai defence in the 4th set. A number of substitutions were made in an attempt to find an effective combination, but in the end the Air Force team confirmed why they are reigning champions and tournament favourites with a convincing 4th set win 25-18.

It was in many sections of the match the best standard that the Australians have produced so far, but today the opponents were too good.

Tomorrow’s Bronze Medal play-off will be against the Thai Navy team.

’95 Australian Youth Boys V’s Makasan
Match 5 (Quarter Final Cross Over) – Thailand National U21 Championships 2011
AUS lost to Makasan 0:3 15-25, 23-25, 22-25

AUS Starting Line-up (and points scored):
Brisbane (2), Stone (0), Dunn (1), Walker (14), Murch (8), Stevens (0), McDonald (Libero)

Barry (0), Colotti (0), Beveridge (4), Farman (0), Marsh (1)

Today we played the second of our quarter final matches at the Thailand National U21 Championships against Makasan. The Australians showed the true Anzac spirit battling through illness to play a strong match against a polished Thai opposition, who in the previous day pushed the Thai Army team to their limits.

The match started point for point with the young Australians hitting and blocking confidently. Kill hits by Murch and Walker and solid blocking by Dunn saw the Australians lead 8-7. However, the Thai’s turned up the heat with some slick combination attacks to steal the lead 9-12. The gap was closed when Walker and Murch chimed in with some good kill hits in attack followed by Brisbane with a stuff block 12-13. Accurate aggressive serving and attack by the Thai’s forced errors from the Australians to close out the set 15-25.

The second set started in the same way as the first with both teams going point for point. Strong blocking and hitting by Beveridge and accurate tactical serving by the Australians saw them keep up with the Thai’s 10-11. A couple of forced errors created a mini break for the Thai’s 12-15. However, excellent transition attacks by Walker and Murch and a stuff block by Brisbane pressured the Thai’s 23-24. Though a kill attack by the Thai’s ended the set 23-25.

The third set started strongly for the Australians with accurate serving by the team, and stuff blocks and attack kills to Walker 11-8. An attack kill to Murch and a quick attack by Marsh saw the Australians hold the lead mid way through the set 14-12. However, some unforced errors and a strong Thai attack saw the lead change 14-17. Even though the Australians attacked well for the rest of the set through Murch, Beveridge and Walker; they couldn’t close the gap and saw the Thai’s take the match 22-25.

With this loss the Australian Youth Boys are now out of the tournament with only the top 4 teams qualifying for the semi-finals but finished as the first Australian youth team to make top 8 in this tournament, a significant result in their first ever competitive experience together and in an U21 age group.

The Youth team will now train tomorrow and then offer support for the Junior team as they continue their journey in this tournament and hopefully qualify for the Gold Medal match.

Attack – Team 34% kill 22% error (12%ke), Walker 50% kill 14% error (22), Murch 44% kill 22% error (18)
Block – Team 6 kills 4 controls 2 error
Passing – Team 1.93 41% perfect 6 errors, McDonald 2.10 (29) 48% perfect, Murch 2.00 (8) 50% perfect
Serving – Team 1.72 1 ace 7 errors, Walker 2.17 (12), Brisbane 2.00 (8), Marsh 2.00 (7)

Best players – Murch, Walker

Thailand Tour – April, 2011
Australian National Junior Men’s Team – (’93-’94 NJM)
v. Navy
in Bangkok, Thailand

Match #5 – 25th April 2011
AUS NJM defeated by Navy 0:3
22-25,27-29, 24-26

’93-’94 NJM (Points scored):
1 Gerrard Lipscombe (Libero)
4 Corey Leathart (DNP)
5 Chris Morrow (2)
6 Brad Mason (6)
9 Jordan Power (8)
10 Beau Graham (3)
14 Sam Brisbane (4)
15 Simon Hone (5)
16 Rory Welsh (C) (0)
17 Jake Guymer (9)
18 Tom Menzies (7)
19 Nic Borgeaud (4)

Match Statistics:
Attack – Team 42% kill 19% err (23%ke)
Guymer 54% kill (13) 23% err
Graham 50% kill (6) 17% err
Morrow 50% kill (4) 0% err
Menzies 45% kill (11) 18% err

Block – Team 9 kills 7 controls
Guymer 2 kills 2 controls
Hone 2 kills 1 control
Borgeaud 2 kills

Passing – Team 1.94 35% perfect 3 err
Lipscombe 2.16 (25) 44% perfect 1 err

Serving – Team 1.94 4 ace 7 errors
Menzies 2.22 (9)- 1 ace 0 errs,
Brisbane 2.13 (16)- 2 ace 1 err

Defence – Team 10 digs
Lipscombe – 3 digs, Mason, Guymer & Brisbane 2 each

The National Junior Men’s Team (NJM) played their final cross-over match today. Having already qualified for the semi-finals this match was to decide their semi-final opponent.
The decision was made to not chance Leathart’s knee so that he would be fit for the semi-final. Sam Brisbane was also given the chance to start the match and played well throughout.

The Australians started well and took a 7-1 lead in the 1st set. The team was serving well forcing 3 aces in the set. Unfortunately as the set got closer to the end the Thais were more effective in stopping the Australian attacks. The Navy team caught and passed our score and finished the set with a 25-22 win. It was definitely a set that the NJM could have won.

The NJM were able to put aside that disappointment and fought hard in the 2nd set. The attack improved, along with the pass which led to Guymer, Graham and Morrow killing more quick attacks. Australia led at 16-13 but the Thais had closed the gap by 20-20. From there it was point for point before an attack from Mason that was clearly spiked off the block was incorrectly judged an error to bring a disappointing end to a good 2nd set at 27-29.

Both teams improved their play in the 3rd set with more consistent attacking. Australia struggled to block the Thai combinations while the Thais had difficulty with the height and power from our attackers. The Thai Navy team opened an early two point lead which they held for most of the set. The Australian NJM fought back late to even the score at 24-24 but could not repeat yesterday’s heroics and slipped to a 24-26 loss.

The team played well but, as the scores would indicate, just couldn’t close out any of the sets today.

Tomorrow’s semi-final will be against the Thai Air force team which contains many players from the Thai Junior National Team.

’95 Australian Youth Boys V’s Thai Air Force
Match 4 (Quarter Final Cross Over) – Thailand National U21 Championships 2011
AUS lost to Thai Air Force 0:3 17-25, 19-25, 11-25

AUS Starting Line-up (and points scored):
Brisbane (0), Beveridge (5), Dunn (0), Walker (8), Murch (9), Stevens (0), McDonald (Libero)

Barry (0), Colotti (0), Stone (0), Farman (1), Marsh (1)

Today we played the top team from Pool A, Thailand Air Force, in the first of two crossover matches of the Thailand National U21 Championships quarterfinals. Battling against a strong Thai team and also illness the Australians fought valiantly to minimise their error count (8, 6 and 7 errors per set). However some below par passing contributed to a poor kill efficiency in attack.

The first set started as planned, helped by strong blocking and attack by Beveridge and Murch, with the young Australians going point for point with the Thai team to 5-5. Though a slick Thai attack and a series of forced errors saw the Thai team break away 7-15. The Australians regained some confidence when Beveridge made two stuff blocks and Walker and Murch chimed in with several kills in attack. However, the Thai’s finished the set well 17-25.

The second set started with both teams once again going point for point until 11-11. This was created through good confident hitting by Murch and Walker and some forced errors by the Thai’s. Marsh and Murch combined to put the Australians in front 13-11. However, some passing and attack errors saw the Thai’s take the lead 16-17. Strong attacks by Beveridge and Walker saw the lead change again in the Australians favour 19-18. From here the Thai’s increased the potency of their attack and quality of their defence and closed out the set 19-25.

The third set saw the Thai team race away to a 0-5 lead through a pattern of aggressive serving. Farman entered the court for a strong transition attack kill; however, the Thai team increased their attack and defensive pressure to increase their lead 5-13. Beveridge and Murch combined to create a strong attack though the Thai’s quick attack earned them some valuable points to further their lead 8-17. A solid stuff block and attack by Walker and strong opposite attack by Murch added to the Australians score. However, the Thai attack was too strong for the fatigued Australians and finished the match 11-25.

Tomorrow sees the ’95 Australian Youth Boys play their final quarterfinal crossover match against Makasan. This is a “must win” game if they want any chance of remaining in this tournament and progressing to the “Top 4” play-offs.

Attack – Team 29% kill 24% error (5%ke), Murch 35% kill 20% error (20), Walker 32% kill 14% error (22)
Block – Team 4 kills 11 controls 1 error
Passing – Team 1.53 28% perfect 9 errors, McDonald 2.06 (17) 47% perfect
Serving – Team 1.67 1 ace 7 errors, Brisbane 1.78 (9), Walker 1.70 (10)

Best players – Murch, Brisbane

Thailand Tour – April, 2011
Australian National Junior Men’s Team – (’93-’94 NJM)
v. Khamthalesor
in Bangkok, Thailand

Match #3 – 23rd April 2011
AUS NJM defeated K’thalesor 3:2
25-27,25-23, 21-25, 26-24,15-13

’93-’94 NJM (Points scored):
1 Gerrard Lipscombe (Libero)
4 Corey Leathart (DNP)
5 Chris Morrow (3)
6 Brad Mason (8)
9 Jordan Power (22)
10 Beau Graham (11)
14 Sam Brisbane (0)
15 Simon Hone (5)
16 Rory Welsh (C) (4)
17 Jake Guymer (15)
18 Tom Menzies (3)
19 Nic Borgeaud (6)

Match Statistics:
Attack – Team 43% kill 17% err (26%ke)
Graham 73% kill (11) 0% err
Guymer 62% kill (16) 0% err
Morrow 60% kill (5) 20% err

Block – Team 13 kills 21 controls
Guymer 5 kills 7 controls
Hone 3 kills 2 controls
Power 2 kills 3 controls

Passing – Team 1.68 28% perfect 9 err
Lipscombe 1.84 (44) 34% perfect 4 err

Serving – Team 1.90 8 ace 12 errors
Graham 2.19 (16)- 2 aces 2 errs,
Mason 2.09 (11) – 2 aces & 2 errs, Power 2 aces

Defence – Team 16 digs
Lipscombe – 5 digs, Mason 4

The Australian National Junior Men’s team has travelled to Thailand to take part in the Thailand National Junior (under 21) Men’s Championships. The team includes 6 players making their international debut in this 17 team tournament.

In their first match of the ¼ final pool the National Junior Men’s Team (NJM) outlasted the local team in an absolute cliff-hanger. The match was always going to be a little tougher as the Australian team were playing without Leathart who is still recovering from knee surgery and had to be rested. Australia took the early lead in the first set but it was short lived as too many errors on service and attack turned that into a 16-21 deficit. But as they have proven a number of times already, this Aussie team has a good fighting spirit which they used to draw level. Unfortunately two more service errors after 22, made winning difficult and the Thaïs took the set 27-25.

The NJM were able to more than halve their errors in the 2nd set, while also improving their attack kill percentage. Our middles were dominating in attack, although our pass was struggling with some tough serving which made Welsh and Brisbane’s job tougher in trying to use the middle. The guys kept their nerve in another tight set to win 25-23.

The Thai team opened a significant 8-2 lead early in the 3rd as our passers struggled to find consistency. The NJM again staged a fight back to get within one point before the Thais took the set.

By the 4th set Power was playing as a Passer while still hitting the Back Row attacks, while Hone was at Opposite in an attempt to put more blocking pressure on their attack. The move worked early as the team took an 8-5 lead. The Thais gradually clawed back the lead, created their own break, and eventually established a convincing match point situation at 24-19. The Australians were in need of some heroics if they were to rescue this match. The Thais had a transition attack for the match which was deflected to position one corner, Lipscombe chased hard and with an amazing diving effort saved the ball, knocked it higher, but further out of court.
From that save Jordan Power had to chase then dig it over from the subs square at the back corner of the hall. The Australians won the ensuing rally and the lift in the team’s spirits was visible. Beau Graham then served 6 consecutive jump serves as the Aussies defended, blocked and transitioned their way to an incredible 26-24 win and a 5th set.

The 5th set was just as close. Australia turned in front at 8-6 but as usual the Thais fought back. The Aussies were so pumped that their attack was virtually unstoppable (75% kill for the set). Another quick kill by Jake Guymer sealed the win 15-13. It is a win that the team will remember for a long time.

The win guarantees the 93-94 NJM of a top 4 finish. Tomorrow they play the strong Navy team to decide our semi-final opponents.

The ‘young guns’ 95′ have lost there first crossover match V Thai Air Force 0-3 (17-25. 19-25. 11-25). Errors were a pleasing 8,6,7.
We currently have four boys out with Thai No.1 Tour tummy.
You gotta love Asian volleyball!

The ’93 Australian Junior Men’s Team has just secured a close fought 3:1 (25-22, 19-25, 25-19, 26-24) victory to top their pool in Thailand’s Junior Men’s (U21) Volleyball Championship. The team will carry this result over in their crossover quarter-final pool commencing tomorrow.

Match report to follow soon.

Reports are filtering in regarding last nights dinner with the TVA President.

Apparently the Thai president made the mistake of hosting the event in a Karaoke restaurant.

Most Australian Teams find this a bit intimidating, but not this group. Within seconds,Jake Guymer and Captain Rory Welsh were belting out their first tune, complete with “actions”. Chris Morrow and Simon Hone also took their turn at some of the modern songs.

The Coaching Staff were not to be upstaged, sending in Mentor Coach Russ Borgeaud to show the troops how it should be done, with a Karaoke classic, The King’s “Hound Dog”. Jake Guymer and Rory Welsh then joined in with Coach Borgeaud to complete the song, the three of them working as a Team, to prove, for once and for all, that Elvis really had left the room, some time ago.

But the ‘highlight’ of the night was debut Coach Richard James’ version of the John Denver classic, Take Me Home Country Roads – altering some of the words “to the place that I belong, Brisbane”

Players and Coaches obviously did enough to impress, as the Thai Volleyball President Mr Songporn then invited the teams to return to Thailand in the future.

More photos have been promised for the Blog, from debut Coach Richard James, but these have been delayed as Coach seems to now be having his first real Thai experience.Remember Richard, you will get better, and all things will pass.

And Richard, the 91s are very keen to see a photo of Coach McCaskill in his new ‘slim look’ Tour Polo.

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